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In Divine Order

Revealing - The Intelligent Design Your Triune Celestial Soul Atom Self is Privy to on the Other Side of the Veil.





The Intelligent Design of Creation is Book 1 of a newly revealed series of Cosmic Revelations titled 'The Revelatorium'. Every twenty five thousand years during the two thousand year Age of Aquarius dispensation, full 'Galactic Law'  is lowered into the current  population's consciousness. Officially called 'The Great Book'. The Age of Aquarius in now upon you, 'The Great Book' is being opened at last. The last time the great book was opened was twenty five thousand years ago during the Garden of Eden.

The complete Cosmic body of knowledge known as, 'The Great Book' is again being placed before you. At the end of Aquarius two thousand years from now, most of you will be functioning at a full fifth dimensional frequency of consciousness and will be returned to Earth's fifth dimensional Garden of Eden where you belong. The Intelligent Design of Creation is at the forefront of the Great Book.

The Revelatorium is like a preface to the 'Great Book', introducing you to the fifth dimensional manners of speaking, wordings, and particular concepts you will need to know to readily understand the full breadth and scope of the informations to come. 'The Intelligent Design of Creation' is the first book of The Revelatorium series. The subsequent books, 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega', and 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host', are  Books two and three respectively. In all, seven Books will eventually be brought through.  'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' reveals specific aspects of the Design as they have been unfolded into Creation. 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' reveals the presence of over half a billion Radionnic Ships around Earth at any time as an integral part of the Battle of Armageddon now ongoing throughout this local Universe of a thousand Galaxies.

The entire Revelatorium series is being brought through by a Melchizedek attunement in consciousness from the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds. The process is the same in principle that Saint John the Divine received the 'Revelations' from the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds two thousand years ago.

'The Revelatorium' is not an update to the biblical 'Revelations'. It is new information. The original Revelations put forth details of an emergency damager control plan, instigated to take place two thousand years following the Crucifixion of Christ at this beginning of this Age of Aquarius, and had been prepared over a forty year period in the Melchizedek Worlds.

'The Revelatorium' on the other hand also presents working details of the damage control plan as they are now occurring day to day, and will continue to unfold. The Revelatorium is not the whole of Galactic Law, rather more ike a preface. Consider them as a comprehensive 'Cliffs' or 'Coles' notes to the 'Great Book' of Galactic Law. The Notes also cover 'Cosmic Law' which is a subset of Galactic Law. They also present the complete 'Intelligent Design of Creation' under which the whole of Galactic Law has been founded.

The Revelatorium is in fact a Christ teaching, introducing you to the basic terminologies, precepts, and fundamental principles of Galactic Law et al you will need to be familiar with in order to ease you into the full force of the revealings in the years to come. After reading The Revelatorium you will have a complete understanding of Galactic and Cosmic Law at a thumbnail level.. Fill-in details will come in later in the years to come, most of it starting fifteen hundred years for now.

The numerous Cosmic affairs currently affecting Plant Earth at the present time are not arbitrary. Some of the Cosmic Energies befalling Earth today were set in motion over five hundred billion years ago, long before this Milky Way Galaxy was even commissioned. Others concern Solar Law now finishing up, plus also Galactic Law coming in now. The Solar Laws governing Earth's Solar System at large come in regularly through the Leo Dispensation, in Earth's most recent case, ten thousand years ago during Atlantis. Atlantis was forfeited and Solar Law was not properly instigated. The final installation of Solar Law is now occurring, overlapping the installation of Galactic Law. The Galactic Laws governing the Solar System's role in the Galaxy as a whole come in through the Age of Aquarius Dispensation, i.e., part of the outpouring of  'The Waters of Truth' coming in now.

Dispensation are two thousand year long periods, called Dispensations because of the new energies released, i.e., dispensed into the consciousnesses of the current populations involved. The last dispensation period for Aquarius was twenty five thousand years ago during Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. The Garden was defaulted by meddling from the Luciferian side and Galactic Law was not properly installed. The Leo Dispensation was during the time of Atlantis and was similarly defaulted by interference from the Luciferian side and Solar Law was likewise not properly installed.

The Piscean Dispensation of the last two thousand years anchors the Law and would have completed the installation of Solar Law had Christ not been crucified. The Piscean Age has finished and the Aquarian Dispensation is now commencing. The incomplete Solar Law inductions of the past are being caught up, and the 'Apocalypse' is beginning to unfold. Where 'Apocalypse' in Greek means 'Revelation' not disaster. Full Galactic Law is beginning to be introduced into your mass consciousnesses once again after a twenty three thousand year wait.

Two thousand years ago the 'Piscean Christ for the Piscean Ages', an individual, walked among you as the Man you knew as 'Jesus Christ of Nazareth'. This time, the 'Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian' Age will be the collective birth of Christ consciousness within the hearts and consciousnesses of each and every one of you individually. The full frequencies of Christ consciousness are at the very heart of the Intelligent Design.

The Intelligent Design is also at the very forefront of both 'Solar Law' and 'Galactic Law', both germane to the 'Great Book' now unfolding.. How Creation was started through the Design and why, are both revealed by way of this Book 1 of The Revelatorium. By the time you have finished this disclosure, you will have seen proved for a certainty that a higher dimensional Universe exists, that Creation exists solely though an Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves, that there is aught in Creation which is not of the Design, and that the Creators do in fact exist whom you call 'God'.

You are not yet aware of the Intelligent Design because you have not yet been made aware of the Principles of Creation. The complete 'Solar Law' understandings that were to be brought in through Atlantis were cut short by the cataclysms ending Atlantis. Similarly, the higher Cosmic understandings being brought through by Jesus Christ during his bestowal two thousand years ago were cut short by his unprecedented murder. Your entire world view is therefore still comprised almost entirely of a stygian deep of wayward mental thought known as the 'Mentallized Illusion'. The Mentallized Illusion is the accumulated by-product of your misguided thinking about Creation and yourselves over the past three and a half million years.

The Mentallized Illusion is what your third dimensional level of consciousness believes to be the totality of reality, having nothing whatsoever to do what fifth dimensional levels of consciousness know to be so. Ridged adherence to the Illusion prevents you from attuning to Reality, the fix most of you are in at the moment. As one of your wiser members recently quoted, 'It's what we think we know that keeps us from learning what we should know'.

Because of the illusion, your current notions about Reality are way off track. For example, you believe that the entirety of Creation is a Universe fourteen and a half billion light years across and fourteen billion and a half year old. Also, that the time frame of the Milky Way galaxy is only a fraction of that. The limit of your instrumentations. In actuality, Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy. The Milky Way Galaxy is well over a hundred and fifty billion years old and still undergoing development.

You also believe that Creation started conveniently with a single big bang just over fourteen and a half billion years ago. Creation started from a single one-point-wide absolute 'Point and Center' of Creation untold eons ago and has been gradually unfolding one step at a time ever since.

You also believe that Creation arbitrarily expands according to your few presumptive laws of Physics. These only deal with the lower materiality's of the third dimension, the lowest frequencies in all of Creation. In actuality, through the Intelligent Design, the Creators have been converting themselves from out of an ill fated eighteenth dimensional formulation of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance in their original Causeless Great Even Pool of Darkness self, into ever ongoing formulations of everlasting outer manifested frequencies of Intelligence, Substance, and Energy within their thirteenth dimension and below. Called 'Creation', also known as their 'Created Self'.

The immediate work at hand is for you to return yourselves back to your fifth dimension belongings by your own sincere activities to do so through this current age of opportunity. After over three and a half million years of, 'Well, maybe next time' every twenty five thousand years, there will be no more "Well, maybe next time' after this time. Creation is ready for it's own next big step of advancement, which it is not able to within the current lesser frequencies of the past still around combined with your current third dimensional lower levels of consciousness.

The constant re-cycling of 'Maybe next time' is therefore being officially ended once and for all. At the end of Aquarius, those of you who qualify will be put back up into the fifth dimension where you belong. Those that don't will be removed from the planet and the entirety of it's third dimensional evolution including plant and animals will be dissolved from the surface forever as no longer being needed.

Unlike what you are being taught in your religions, the Holy Trinity is not a 'Father, Son, and Holy Ghost' but rather comprises a complete Family Principle of Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter. 'As above so below'. You have also been taught to call 'God' the 'Creator'. You have also been taught to say 'Our Father' in your prayers, and refer to him as 'He'. In actuality, the whom you call 'God' is referred to throughout the higher dimensions as 'Alpha and Omega' as was given to you in your Biblical 'Book of Revelations', who are known throughout Creation as 'The Creators'.

To recap, the third dimensional name of the Father and Mother is your Man made name 'God'. 'The fifth and seventh dimensional names of the Father and the Mother are respectively 'Alpha' and 'Omega'. The fifth and seventh dimensional names of the 'Only Begotten Son and Daughter' are respectively 'El Daoud' and 'El Daouda'. The Creators, Alpha and Omega, 'Father and Mother', comprise the totality of all that exists. Outside of the Creators nothing exists. Their Holy Trinity self above Creation is the entirety of their fifteenth dimension.

The entirety of Alpha and Omega's fourteenth dimension self is 'The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega'. Their Cube and Sphere is the interface between the un-located un-manifested  frequencies of their fifteenth dimensional Holy Trinity self and dimensions above, and their located manifested frequencies of their Island of Paradise and Creation below. Just as you have an outer materialized body in which you walk around, Creation is the outer materialized body of Alpha and Omega in which you are a vibrant integral part.

Their original eighteenth dimensional Great Even Pool of Darkness self comprises only 'Intelligent Breath', and 'Tiny Particles of Substance', both having the characteristic of vibration. The Even Pool is causelessly boundless and without form. Their original  vibrational frequencies of Intelligent breath and Tiny Particles of Substance were always causelessly falling and causelessly falling towards an ultimate end of no-more-existence for having no more vibrations.

Their Great Plan is the order of rule process Alpha and Omega eventually worked out between themselves to gradually convert their terminating un-lighted Even Pool frequencies of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance into new made lighted versions of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance which are non-falling and everlasting. 'By their order they work their darkness into light'. The Intelligent Design of Creation is the Modus Operand of their great plan.

According to their plan, the fifth dimension is the bottom line of Creation. In all of Creation only a very small handful of twenty five hundred planets, including Earth, have a conscious population functioning within its third dimension. All are within the third dimension by ill consequence of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus which commenced five billion years ago. You in particular have been wallowing demeangly in Earth's third dimension for the past three and a half million years. A mammoth inter-dimensional clean up in the aftermath of the Luciferian Rebellion is now already underway as that you call Armageddon. Armageddon extends across all one thousand Galaxies of this Local Universe in which the Rebellion took take place and in which this Milky Way Galaxy resides. Earth is the current Universe center of attention because it plays a central role in the clean up and in things to come. The eyes of all Creation are currently upon Earth.

Also included in today's activities, is the fact that a whole new anti-matter Super Universe of Intelligence is being started up in Andromeda by bifurcation off this Local Universe and Earth is right in the middle of the point of bifurcation. All such events are due out-comes of the Intelligent Design unfolding in due course by work of the responsible consciousnesses involved. You are not on Earth by capricious circumstance. Most of you are part and parcel of the task force commissioned for the work and for which you unselfishly volunteered. You only need to wake up to your reality about it by looking within. The doorway to the Universe is Inner.

In practice, the Intelligent Design is child simple, vested in Principle, and able to produce Creative results without limit. The version being presented herein is the most simplistic yet comprehensive form of the Design ever yet presented in front of Creation. Do not let the religious overtones put you off. The Intelligent Design of Creation is anything but a religious tome. Likewise, the Intelligent Design of Creation is on the Christ Table as is and has no other reason or self serving purpose. You are also well advised to read this Disclosure all the way through and question your beliefs, rather than to rely on your beliefs and question this Disclosure. Also, please note that this revealment contains a very large amount of information in a very short amount of wordings, so should not be raced through like a novel. It is like a text book, not an airy 'Harlequin Romance' or mystery novel.

Also, please note that numerous new Reality words are introduced in this presentation for the first time within your English language. English is a specialized version of a Universal fifth dimensional version of the English language. The Earth based version has been prepared in the Melchizedek world of the Magellanic Clouds specifically for these times, and was spread world wide out of the mouth of the Lion. There are numerous new words introduced herein and numerous new bents on old words, The meanings are given mostly by the context in which they are found rather than by outside definitions or lexicons and should be simple enough to fathom.

Higher dimensional English makes very little use of 'a', 'the', 'commas', and other thought assigned separators, enabling the texts to be read and spoken at a much quicker and more comprehending rate than in your more complicated Earth bound adaptations. Higher dimensional consciousnesses think at a much faster pace than those in the third dimension, who can read and understand streamlined texts with no difficulty. Your third dimensional speed of thinking is much slower, even when higher consciously aware, so a limited use of the separators, particularly quotation marks, is used in The Revelatorium when necessary to keep you from getting lost in the longer threads of text. Plus also, to bring your attention to the fact that the context is imparting a greater new sense of an old word or wordings than you are normally accustomed to, or even introducing a whole new word.

Similarly, a same point is sometimes repeated one or more times within the contexts of later Starrgrams for greater clarification. Similarly, some of the paragraphs may seem unduly short and others too long in the book version. This was due to the need to keeps the illustrative drawings as large as possible and the amount of white space at the bottom of the pages as small as possible, not by any dictate of the text.

Within these guidelines, Starrgram 1 to 5 lays out the fundamental aspects the Design. Starrgrams 6 to 11 details the basic Creative implementations of the Design comprising Creation. For the Scientific minded who tend to dismiss things not of the Bunsen burner or Theoretical pen out of hand as their affliction, Starrgrams 9, 12 and 13 deal with third dimensional physics and the Micro Universe respectively. Through Cubistics, the Micro Universe is a perfect mirror of the Macro. The long sought Unified Field Theory is as at hand. In particular, in the middle of Starrgram 13, the three basic up quarks and three basic down quarks are generated straight out of the Design's rules of Cubistics. Similarly, near the end of Starrgram13 the basic natures of the photon, electron, and neutrino are each depicted in pure Cubistic terms.

Starrgram 16 provides numerous factual proofs of the design. As Shakespeare said in the Merchants of Venice, 'Truth will out'.

Starrgram 22 is the official buy page for The Revelations - to be completed.

Also please note, that The Intelligent Design of Creation as presented herein is a Revelatory work which has come straight through from the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds through a super high frequency Christ Melchizedek attunement in consciousness. It is not the result of research, argument, contemplation, muse, channelling, or idle chit chat in bar. The Revelatorium is a Pure Christ Melchizedek teaching which has been given by grace from the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds for the benefit of all Humanity. It is not intended for self gain, or malpractice, or the benefit of  few. Nor is it to be used as fodder for a church.

Book 1, this 'Intelligent Design of Creation',  presents the rules and principles of the Intelligent Design, also functioning as an initiating part of the higher Cosmic Laws of Reality. Book 2, 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega', details numerous aspects of the Design as they relate specifically to various aspects of Creation past, present, and future. Plus, also of yourselves regards both your inner and outer aspects plus responsibility to bear.

'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' is Book 3 respectively, providing a complete official revealment of the existence of the Radionnic Ships around Earth by the Heavenly Host itself. Teaching you exactly how to see them. For your clarification, the Heavenly Host comprises over five hundred billion Radionnic ships current around Earth at any given time. The ships are in the fourth dimension and cannot be seen by the naked eye. They do however produce distinctive cloud patterns and effects in the third dimension below which can be seen, which are their signatures, which the book reveals in open detail.

Book 4 to come will deal with aspects of the Heavenly Host not covered  in Book 3.

Book 5, 'The Pleiadian Fleet' deals with the the Pleiadian Fleet, working in adjunct with the Heavenly Host. Book 6 to come deals with Sylphs, enigmatic fourth dimensional semi-Conscious Animal Beings who are also working in adjunct with the Heavenly Host. Book 7 is the Soaring Saga of how The Revelatorium came to be as it worm-holed itself up through the third dimension over the years since the thirties.

For your convenience, the complete contents of the first three books plus Book 5 are presented as .com websites under the same titles, namely:





Also, for convenience of navigation between the websites, the indexes of the first three Books are presented down the right hand side of every Starrgram in every website.

Also please also note, that 'The Revelatorium' is on the Christ table 'as is'. It is are not a scholarly work. Nor is it they intended to stir up a dialogue, argument, or controversy. Nor is it a doctrine or personal belief. Nor does it represent a new philosophy, religion, or group. Nor is it to be used as fodder for a church. It is a pure Christ teaching to help you in your ascension back to the fifth dimension two thousand years from now and serve no other purpose.

Also, please note that the Revelatorium Revelations are not intended for so called spiritual bums who just want to know a few things so they can lord their spirituality over others. They are for the ardent at heart who earnestly want to know and understand how things actually work in Reality and why. Plus, attaining a complete knowing and understanding of 'Who you are', 'What you are', and 'Where you are going'.

Knowing 'About' something is Wisdom, knowing 'Why' is Understanding. Get thee Wisdom but above all get thee Understanding.



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